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Photos in the Journal

The Edmonton Journal published an online gallery of photos from the screening of McCauley Moments, featuring lots of pictures of residents who were part of the film!

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Global News Segment

Global Edmonton came to the launch of McCauley Moments this afternoon and made a short segment for the evening news:

A local filmmaker is hoping her work will improve the McCauley neighbourhood’s reputation.

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Ukrainian Community Content

I am trying to represent the main cultural groups in the McCauley area, and historically, Ukrainian has been one of them. McCauley used to be the centre of the Ukrainian community in Edmonton. There are still Ukrainians who live in the area, but many are now elderly. Most of the Ukrainians lived in the area that is now Chinatown, and some of the cultural buildings still remain such as the Ukrainian National Federation on 106 Avenue and 98 Street. It was here that a folk art event took place in mid-April, so I decided to pay a visit and speak to a couple of representatives from the Ukrainian community about why they still come to McCauley for cultural events. I also took in some wonderful Ukrainian dancing.