40 Years is Released!

Boyle McCauley News: 40 Years – The Little Community Newspaper That Could was officially released on March 9, 2019 at the Boyle McCauley News 40th Anniversary Gala. You can now view the entire 12-minute documentary online by clicking below.

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40 Years of Boyle McCauley News

I (Paula) am very excited to announce that I am working on a new video project to commemorate the upcoming 40th anniversary of Boyle McCauley News in 2019! The video will feature many of the people you met through McCauley Moments, as well as McCauley: A Caring Community – Conversations on Social Housing, my second McCauley-related short film that was released in 2017. You will also meet a few new friends, as we celebrate this milestone. The expected release date will be in March of 2019. I’ll be setting up a special section on this website in the near future with updates, special features, and more.

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McCauley, Then and Now

Last night, the book McCauley, Then & Now launched at Zocalo. The book is designed as a walking guide to the neighbourhood and includes the history of the area, many of its buildings, and stories from long-term current and former residents. The launch featured people from the committee that created the book speaking, reading, and making music. I was the Editor of the project, and spent the evening behind the camera filming the event. Here it is!

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Updated: Interview Portraits

A couple of months ago I posted introductions to some of the people who you will “meet” as part of the McCauley Family Life Videography Project. Numerous other interviews have been done since then, so here is an updated look at these dynamic community members.

Dave is a single dad who bought a home – a former crack house – in McCauley around three years ago. His two young sons Rowan and Lucas often stay with him.

Larry and Betti have lived in McCauley for 35 years where they have raised four sons. They are both concerned about social issues while loving the walkability of the area and the closeness of the community.

Kate and John have lived in McCauley for around 40 years and were at the forefront of the community dealing with the issue of sexual exploitation.

Dan and Teddi are a young couple with three children who moved to McCauley because it was affordable. They have chosen to stay because of the community.

Ken and Miranda live in McCauley and own Zocalo, one of the hippest home and garden shops in the city. They have many reasons why they choose to live and run a business in the neighbourhood.

Nhan came to Canada from Vietnam in 1978 with her family. She owns a cooking school in Chinatown which is host to a number of area events and also lives in the area where she raised her two children who are now grown. Her daughter Robbin also speaks about growing up in McCauley.

Teresa is the daughter of the Spinelli legacy. Despite her abundant wealth, she continues to operate a business, live, and send her young son to school in the area. I also spoke with her mother Rina and son Massimo.

Michael and Heather moved into their house in McCauley last year after renting for a while. Michael is a pastor at one of the churches on Church Street (96 Street) and Heather is a home maker. They have two young children (and several bunnies) and they are convinced that McCauley is an excellent place to raise a family.

Dorothy is an Aboriginal kookum (grandmother) who lives near Sacred Heart Church, a source of deep support to her and her family. She gave birth to six children, of which only two are still living, and is raising a brood of grandchildren with her husband. She has seen and experienced a lot in the decade and a half she has lived in the area (including a shooting that took out one of her windows and wounded a young person staying with the family at the time) yet feels safe and secure where she lives.

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Still Seeking Interviews

I’m in the home stretch of gathering interviews for the McCauley Family Life Videography Project but am still looking for young families and couples in the neighbourhood. In particularly, I am looking for immigrant families (or the descendants thereof) from Asia, Africa, and the Middle East, and also a same-sex couple that would be comfortable being on camera. If you are interested in taking part, please contact me at mccauleycommunity at gmail dot com.