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Final Edits!

McCauley Moments is currently in its final editing stage. The editing process has been meticulous. The final round of edits are being done with the help of a test audience, who watched the film and provided feedback. As a main purpose of McCauley Moments is to present the positive side of the McCauley neighbourhood to people who may not be familiar with the area, I (Paula) carefully hand-selected a cross-section of people I know who live outside the community to see if watching it changed their view of McCauley. I want to thank the following people for taking time out of their busy schedules to watch the film and provide feedback:

Johnny Blackburn
Audrey Brooks
Jim Graves
Chris LaBossiere
Randy Layetzke
Netta Phillet
Leslie Treseder
Tamara Vineberg

They say your friends can be your biggest critics, and in this case, that adage proved to be true. I am glad I have friends who are not afraid to be honest with me. I owe you all a hug and refreshing beverage.

Of course, I need to extend many continual thanks to Linda Wedman at The Works International Visual Art Society and Jane Molstad with McCauley Revitalization/City of Edmonton, for their constant support and feedback.