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Still Seeking Interviews

I’m in the home stretch of gathering interviews for the McCauley Family Life Videography Project but am still looking for young families and couples in the neighbourhood. In particularly, I am looking for immigrant families (or the descendants thereof) from Asia, Africa, and the Middle East, and also a same-sex couple that would be comfortable being on camera. If you are interested in taking part, please contact me at mccauleycommunity at gmail dot com.

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Filming Has Begun!

February is here, which means that filming has officially begun for the McCauley Family Life Videography Project. I have actually been filming scenic shots and events over the past month, and am now getting into the interviews. If you would like you and your family to take part, please contact me to set up an interview. I am interested in talking to families of all ages and make up (including single parents, grandparents raising grandkids, and same-sex couples), and have a particular need for Aboriginal, Asian, and immigrant families so that the diverse nature of the neighbourhood can be properly represented.

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Welcome to the McCauley Family Life Videography Project. The purpose of this project is to document life in McCauley, particularly family life, to show the wonderful aspects of this inner city neighbourhood in Edmonton.

This project is being filmed and edited primarily by Paula E. Kirman, a multimedia freelance journalist who has been working in McCauley for a number of years.

Stay tuned to this blog for news and other developments concerning this exciting project!