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Portraits of Some Interviewees

So far, I have done four sets of interviews, with more planned over the next few weeks. I am already amazed by the diversity of viewpoints and lives of these McCauley residents.

Here are some of the people you will be “meeting”:

Nhan came to Canada from Vietnam in 1978 with her family. She owns a cooking school in Chinatown which is host to a number of area events and also lives in the area where she raised her two children who are now grown.

Teresa is the daughter of the Spinelli legacy. Despite her abundant wealth, she continues to operate a business, live, and send her young son to school in the area. I also spoke with her mother and son.

Michael and Heather moved into their house in McCauley last year after renting for a while. Michael is a pastor at one of the churches on Church Street (96 Street) and Heather is a home maker. They have two young children (and several bunnies) and they are convinced that McCauley is an excellent place to raise a family.

Dorothy is an Aboriginal kookum (grandmother) who lives near Sacred Heart Church, a source of deep support to her and her family. She gave birth to six children, of which only two are still living, and is raising a brood of grandchildren with her husband. She has seen and experienced a lot in the decade and a half she has lived in the area (including a shooting that took out one of her windows and wounded a young person staying with the family at the time) yet feels safe and secure where she lives.

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Lunar New Year Celebrations

One of my favourite events in the area is the annual Lunar New Year celebrations. On February 16, the Year of the Serpent was welcomed with various dignitaries bringing greetings, a Dragon Dance, and a Lion Dance. As always, I was made partially deaf by the firecrackers, but I just love the sounds and colours of this ethnic celebration.

I also saw the inside of the Hull Block for the first time, and ran into Michael Phair as he was preparing for his role as the “Money God.” Another first was taking a ride in Rickshaw Dave’s rickshaw through a section of Chinatown. Many McCauley residents know Dave and his rickshaw. I filmed my ride – what fun!

Here is a look at some photos from today as well as a playlist of videos, including speeches, the Dragon Dance, and Lion Dance. Be sure to watch the volume on your computers – those firecrackers are LOUD!

Lunar New Year in Chinatown 2013

Lunar New Year in Chinatown 2013

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Filming Has Begun!

February is here, which means that filming has officially begun for the McCauley Family Life Videography Project. I have actually been filming scenic shots and events over the past month, and am now getting into the interviews. If you would like you and your family to take part, please contact me to set up an interview. I am interested in talking to families of all ages and make up (including single parents, grandparents raising grandkids, and same-sex couples), and have a particular need for Aboriginal, Asian, and immigrant families so that the diverse nature of the neighbourhood can be properly represented.

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Casting Call!

McCauley is about the become the subject of an Internet-based mini-series.

The McCauley Family Life Videography Project will promote the neighbourhood as a great place for families to move and for businesses to invest. The series of six vignettes of approximately 3-5 minutes in length will be posted on YouTube, and promoted through various social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter.

The McCauley Family Life Videography Project is seeking people to participate on camera to be a part of the videos we will be producing. We are seeking:

  • Families with young children.
  • Families from the Italian, Ukrainian, Asian, and Aboriginal communities, as well as any other cultural groups and interracial/intercultural/interfaith families.
  • Non-traditional families (single parents; same-sex partners; grandparents raising grandchildren).
  • Older singles and couples who have raised families in McCauley.
  • Business owners who are having positive experiences in the area.

Filming officially begins in February. If you are interested in taking part, contact Paula directly at

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Welcome to the McCauley Family Life Videography Project. The purpose of this project is to document life in McCauley, particularly family life, to show the wonderful aspects of this inner city neighbourhood in Edmonton.

This project is being filmed and edited primarily by Paula E. Kirman, a multimedia freelance journalist who has been working in McCauley for a number of years.

Stay tuned to this blog for news and other developments concerning this exciting project!